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fileattic window frame.DXF2018-03-16 21:3925 KB
filebow center.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
filebow side.DXF2018-03-16 21:3920 KB
filebow window roof lg.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filebow window roof sm.DXF2018-03-16 21:3916 KB
fileBow window south.DXF2018-03-16 21:3929 KB
filecupola east.DXF2018-03-16 21:3929 KB
filecupola floor.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
filecupola frame lg.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filecupola frame sm.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filecupola roof support.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filecupola west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3922 KB
filedining west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3925 KB
filedoor frame.DXF2018-03-16 21:3918 KB
fileeast porch rail one piece2.DXF2018-03-16 21:39125 KB
fileentryway north.DXF2018-03-16 21:3925 KB
filefloor 1st.DXF2018-03-16 21:3986 KB
filefloor 2nd.DXF2018-03-16 21:3970 KB
fileház.jpg2018-03-16 21:3971 KB
filekitchen east.DXF2018-03-16 21:3927 KB
filekitchen north.DXF2018-03-16 21:3929 KB
filekitchen roof left.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filekitchen roof right.DXF2018-03-16 21:3917 KB
filekitchen roof support north.DXF2018-03-16 21:3922 KB
filekitchen sub roof.DXF2018-03-16 21:3936 KB
filekitchen west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3924 KB
filemain wall bow window with peak.DXF2018-03-16 21:3944 KB
filemain wall north.DXF2018-03-16 21:3942 KB
filemain wall south east.DXF2018-03-16 21:3933 KB
filemain wall south with peak.DXF2018-03-16 21:3947 KB
filemain wall west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3938 KB
fileNE BR WEST WALL.DXF2018-03-16 21:3924 KB
fileNW bedroom east wall.DXF2018-03-16 21:3924 KB
filepantry divider.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
filepantry west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3927 KB
fileparlor north.DXF2018-03-16 21:3925 KB
fileparlor west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3925 KB
filePart54.DXF2018-03-16 21:3931 KB
fileporch roof east.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof south.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof support east.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof support south.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof support west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof west.DXF2018-03-16 21:3919 KB
fileporch roof.DXF2018-03-16 21:4041 KB
fileroof front left.DXF2018-03-16 21:4026 KB
fileroof front right.DXF2018-03-16 21:4028 KB
fileroof kitchen north.DXF2018-03-16 21:4018 KB
fileroof kitchen support.DXF2018-03-16 21:4022 KB
fileroof left small.DXF2018-03-16 21:4021 KB
fileroof north bow.DXF2018-03-16 21:4028 KB
fileroof south bow.DXF2018-03-16 21:4025 KB
fileroof support north.DXF2018-03-16 21:4021 KB
fileroof west.DXF2018-03-16 21:4022 KB
filesouth bedroom closet entry.DXF2018-03-16 21:4025 KB
filesouth BR closet west.DXF2018-03-16 21:4023 KB
fileSOUTH BR NORTH WALL JOINED.DXF2018-03-16 21:4028 KB
filesouth porch rail one piece.DXF2018-03-16 21:40126 KB
filesub roof 2nd no eave.DXF2018-03-16 21:4057 KB
filewest porch rail one piece.DXF2018-03-16 21:4063 KB
filewindow frame bow middle.DXF2018-03-16 21:4019 KB
filewindow frame bow sm.DXF2018-03-16 21:4019 KB
filewindow frame kitchen.DXF2018-03-16 21:4020 KB
filewindow frame pantry.DXF2018-03-16 21:4020 KB
filewindow frame south.DXF2018-03-16 21:4020 KB
filewindow frame std.DXF2018-03-16 21:4020 KB
filewindow frame west sm.DXF2018-03-16 21:4020 KB